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Tarun Juneja

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“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”



Firm Principal - Encino

Tarun K. Juneja is the Principal of Foumberg, Juneja, Rocher & Co. and is ultimately responsible for the quality and timeliness of all services performed on behalf of the clients. He generally goes by TJ to clients and friends. His is the final say in all matters and it his incredible knowledge and acquired expertise that guides the firm.


Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government – Certificate in Comparative Tax Policy

Florida Atlantic University – Master’s in Taxation

Columbia Union College – BSBA in Accounting

George Mason University – Graduate Work in International Taxation


TJ has been an accountant and advisor to countless small businesses over the past twenty plus years.
As a young accounting graduate, TJ earned the singular distinction of not only passing the CPA exam on his first attempt, but scoring among the highest of thousands of CPA candidates who sat for the exam that year. That achievement earned him the prestigious Elijah Watts Sells Award which is given to the top 100 out of approximately 65,000 students that sat for the CPA exam.

TJ is more than a learned CPA and tax expert. He is a true entrepreneur with an enviable track record of success in quite a number of business ventures. The firm itself – FJR is perhaps his crowning achievement. As a result of his unique insights, businesses regularly seek out his counsel on matters ranging from retirement planning, to business management, personal tax planning and strategic planning for their enterprises. Because of his entrepreneurial perspective, TJ has developed a keen sense for identifying a client’s needs and as a result demonstrated the foresight to demand that his firm provide the kind of analysis only Fortune 500 companies generally enjoy. By providing an entire staff of trained accounting professionals led by him, the firm has developed a well-deserved reputation for delivering far more than tax returns and financial statements – the firm is quite literally helping its clients realize success.


TJ is an enthusiastic hiker, and hopes to one day experience the thrill of climbing to the peak of Mount Everest…or at least make it to basecamp! He is an avid reader of every non-fiction book he can get his hands on and long ago became a lover of history, economics, politics and philosophy. TJ also enjoys spending time with his family, and has encouraged both of his boys to aim high in their goals and dreams and to actively pursue them.