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1. How can we set up an appointment with you?

You may contact our office at (818) 981-6100 and you will be directed to the appropriate manager or you may send an email to:

2. Do you offer free business consultations?

Yes, our first meeting is generally an opportunity to share what it is we do with prospective clients as we get to better understand their needs.

3. Do you work with Start-ups (new companies)?

Yes, we work with many start-up ventures, offering advice in entity designation, planning, capitalization, etc. We believe that if a venture is set up properly it will have the best chance of surviving and thriving.

4. Do you work with high net worth individuals?

We are a full service CPA firm. As such, we have extensive experience working with high net worth individuals. Over the years we have assisted many of our clients in planning and researching all the facets of their income, estate, trust and gift tax planning as well as advising those clients that wish to employ certain asset protection strategies. We look forward to working with you, as you look forward to the future, to retirement and beyond.

5. What are your fees?

Generally, we bill based on the hours required to do the work during the month at our hourly rates, which we make available to clients in our Engagement Letter – issued to all clients when they first hire us. In addition, we can also provide services on a monthly, recurring flat-fee basis, which makes budgeting a lot easier and dependable, for the client and for us as well.

6. Where are you located?

Our office is located in Encino, CA  just north of Los Angeles, on the northwest corner of Ventura Boulevard and Libbit Avenue. The address is 16311 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1180, Encino, CA  91436. We are accessible from Interstate 405 and the Ventura Freeway, Route 101.

7. Can you help us choose a retirement plan that is right for our company?

We are knowledgeable about the requirements of the US Tax Code and thus can offer information about what plan might be appropriate (i.e. 401(k) plans, SEP/IRA plans, Defined Benefit Plans, etc.) based on your retirement and tax needs. In addition, we help clients determine the amount they are eligible to contribute each year, based on their business tax return. However, we are not stock brokers, investment counselors or insurance agents. When presented with advice from such professionals, though, we can help you make an informed decision, by offering objective insights into the options they suggest to you.

8. Can you audit our books?

We are qualified to perform audits and would be happy to discuss your audit needs with you to determine the size, scope, and budget.

9. I prepare my own tax return, why use a CPA?

If you have a couple of W-2s and take the standard deduction, preparing your own return may be an acceptable option. However, the best-informed taxpayer is the one who recognizes and appreciates the complexities of the United States Tax Code.

The United States Congress regularly tinkers with the nation’s tax laws as do the individual states. Unless you are a tax professional who regularly receives updates and participates in continuing professional education, you will not be familiar enough with the changes to make knowledgeable decisions about your taxes.

Few taxpayers have participated in an audit or been at the receiving end of a coordinated IRS collections effort. With the benefit of an experienced tax professional, the impact of audits and other tax controversies may be considerably softened, simply because you have a knowledgeable professional on your side.

10. Do you prepare out-of-state returns?

Yes, we have clients who reside in different states. More importantly, we have clients who derive income in several different states, requiring us to seek credits for taxes paid to other jurisdictions. This is a cumbersome calculation for those not experienced in such matters. As a CPA firm experienced in preparing multiple state returns, we routinely prepare these returns as part of our regular services.

11. Does FJR electronically file?

Yes, in many cases, electronic filing is required by the IRS. In addition, refunds may be expedited by up to four weeks in some cases, by simply filing a return electronically.

12. FJR offers a large list of services – what if my business only needs to use one or two of your services? Will your company still work with me?

Our clients may order from a “menu” of services. Each chooses only those services that apply. Given the experience of our staff and clients’ need for broad areas of expertise, clients may choose from a wide array of services, opting to use only those services that apply to their businesses or personal financial needs.

13. Does engaging Foumberg, Juneja, Rocher & Company (FJR) require a long-term commitment?

No, it does not. We work on an as-needed or on a 30-day basis. However, the value of engaging a CPA firm, as opposed to a tax preparation service, is that we will be available year-round to address ongoing issues. Once a client and a firm establish a relationship, it is much easier to keep up an ongoing dialogue in which both parties understand each other and can communicate most effectively.

14. Does FJR provide financial reports and interpret the financial statements for the client?

Yes absolutely, TJ Juneja has a mantra which says that the numbers must tell a story. Like any CPA firm, FJR compiles financials according to the established AICPA standards. However, our work does not stop there. We feel it is equally important for the manager/owners to understand what the financial statements are telling the company about operations, in order to help them make the most informed decision possible in a timely manner.

15. Can FJR work with our staff to do payroll?

Yes. FJR offers complete solutions for payroll services. We can cut checks; handle net pay checks to employees, deposit payroll taxes, etc.  The option also exists for us to work with your payroll staff and/or service to facilitate the payroll process.

16. How long have you been in business?

The firm began 35 years ago, under the steady hand of Eric L. Foumberg, CPA. As the founder of the firm, Mr. Foumberg continues to play an active role as we continues to evolve, grow and improve. Many of his original clients have remained loyal to the present day.

TJ Juneja, the President and managing shareholder of the firm, has been an accountant and entrepreneur for nearly 25 years.