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Mark H Schwartz

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Manager - Encino

Mark serves as one of the firm’s managers, generally supporting the professional standards of the firm. He has extensive experience assisting in the representation of clients facing collections, audits and other tax controversies. He works closely with other members of management in researching complex tax and other compliance matters. His efforts help establish the standards that set FJR apart from other CPA firms.


Suffolk University – Attended the Suffolk University Law School
Suffolk University – MBA
Suffolk University – BSBA in Accounting
Berklee College of Music – BS.Ed
Brandeis University – Pre-Law (Political Science and Economics)


Mark has worked in accounting and related fields for over thirty years. His experience includes underwriting for a major insurance company and managing a multi-billion dollar pension program. He has advised many clients in setting up and properly structuring their businesses and helped countless non-profits to form their exempt organizations, by meeting the Internal Revenue Service’s rigorous requirements.


In his professional life, Mark has not only worked as an accountant, but also a minor league baseball player. He has also played the trumpet all over the world.